Requesting Permanent Street Signs


Putting up temporary signs on Town road (or light posts) is prohibited in Brian Head.  With the influx of OHVs in Town this year, residents are understandably concerned about safety.  However, a proliferation of rogue signs is also not an ideal solution.  We respectfully request that neighborhoods which have concerns about speed/safety issues with OHVs on their road can click on the link below to request permanent signage or they can call the Town Hall at 435-677-2029.  We are altering our internal processes to be able to respond more promptly to such requests.  Thank you for helping us keep Brian Head safe (and tidy).  

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Campground Fire Restrictions

With fire restrictions going into effect.  Campground Fires will need to adhere to these guidelines

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Citizen Alert System

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Brian Head Fire Restrictions are still in place.

In order to keep Brian Head a safe place for everyone, especially with the fire danger increasing, the Brian Head Fire Marshal has issued a Fire Restriction Order for Brian Head Town.  The following acts are prohibited:

1.  Open fires of any kind (some exemptions are identified)
2.  Smoking in open areas except in a paved area and free of vegetation. 
3.  Fireworks of any kind.
4.  Cutting, welding or grinding metal in are of dry vegetation
5.  Operating a motorcycle, ATV, chainsaw or other small internal combustion engine without an approved and working spark arrestor.

For the entire Fire Restriction Order, CLICK HERE

We wish everyone to have safe and fun stay in Brian Head.

Picture Brian Head Photo Contest

To submit your photo:  CLICK HERE

Town Council & Planning Commission Meetings are now on Zoom Meetings

The Brian Head Town Council & Planning Commission meetings will be videoed via Zoom Meetings.  For more information on accessing the meetings CLICK HERE,

October 27, 2020 Town Council Meeting Packet

October 27, 2020 Town Council Zoom Meeting Link - Please note that staff will begin admitting people to the meeting beginning 12:55 pm.  Please do not try to access to the meeting prior to this time.  

The Zoom Meeting ID# 847 4193 8295

COVID-19 - Now in the Moderate Transmission Level

Brian Head Town
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Brian Head, UT 84719
Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Business Spotlight

Employment Opportunities

Grant Money Available for local businesses Business Beautification & Dark Sky Program

The Brian Head Business Beautification & Dark Sky Program has expanded its program to now include projects to retrofit lighting that would be compliant with the Dark Sky lighting provisions.  Condominium Homeowners Associations can now apply for a grant to retrofit lighting to meet the Dark Skies Program.  

Brian Head Town is giving four (4) Grants @ $2,500 each to improve the exterior, landscaping or lighting retrofit projects for commercial business.  Want to know more?  CLICK HERE for more information and application.

New Nightly Rental Code Amendments - Effective August 11, 2020

On August 11, 2020, the Brian Head Town Council adopted an amendment to the Nightly Rental Code.  CLICK HERE to view the Nightly Rental Code.

Requests for Proposals

If you are interested in reviewing the Town's Requests for Proposals, simply clink on the 'REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS" link located on the top left hand side of the home page.  This will direct you to any projects the Town may be requesting bids/proposals for.