General Resident Information

Brian Head Town is unique in its full time and second home residents which reside here.  Currently the town provides services for a small city when the town is at its full capacity during the summer and winter holiday seasons.

Services the town currently provides to property/homeowners:

  • WATER / SEWER / GARBAGE - The Public Works crew is certified at different levels for water and sewer for municipalities.
  • STREET AND ROAD MAINTENANCE - During the summer months such as crack sealing the asphalted roads in order to maintain the road standards, drainage culvert maintenance and grading of the town's dirt roads.
  • 24 HOUR POLICE COVERAGE - The town provides 24/7 police coverage by our Public Safety Officers.
  • FIRE DEPARMENT - The Town's Public Safety Officers are also certified as Fire Fighters in both structure and wildland fires.  The Town also has its volunteers who serve on the Fire Department and are able to respond to any fire call within minutes.
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE (EMS) - All of our full-time officers are also trained as EMT's along with other medical certifications in order to respond to medical emergencies.
  • SNOW REMOVAL ON TOWN STREETS & ROADS - The Public Works Department works to keep the town roads clear from snow during the winter months.  The town currently has a snow removal policy which identify the roads which must be plowed first due to emergency accesses.  During the winter months, please remember there is no parking on any town road from November 1st through April 30th.
  • TOWN PARK AND PAVILION AREA - The town pavilion was built in 2007 and the town continues to improve on the landscaping by planting trees in celebration of Arbor Day.  A long range plan for the area has been a goal of the Town Council and staff and every year, some type of improvement is identified for the park and/or pavilion area in order to enhance for the public to use.
  • TOWN TRAILS - MOTORIZED TRAILS - The town currently maintains the motorized trail that extends from one end of town to the other and connects with other motorized trails to enhance the snowmobiling and ATV experience.  The town grooms the town snowmobile trail and works with Utah State Parks and Recreation who also grooms outside of the town's boundaries.  Other businesses such as Thunder Mountain Motorsports also grooms the Dry Lakes Road area for snowmobile access.  All entities are working together to ensure the a great snowmobile experience for the beginner and expert rider.  The Motorized trail is identified on the east side of highway 143 beginning at Thunder Mountain Motorsports and connecting to the south end of Brian Head heading towards either Brian Head Peak or Sugar Loaf/Bear Flat Road taking you to Dry Lakes area for great riding.
  • NON-MOTORIZED TRAILS - The town also develops and maintains non-motorized trails such as a walking trail on the west side of highway 143 starting at Aspen Drive to the Sugar Loaf/Bear Flat area.  Mountain Bike trails, hiking trails and horse back riding trails are also identified throughout the town with the goal to connect to other trail systems such as the Marathon bike trail heading south east towards Panguitch Lake or the Manzanita Trail for a hike that will take you to some beautiful vista on the south end of the town.

For detailed map information on the town's trails, both motorized and non-motorized, please click here, or you can call our staff at (435) 677-2029 during normal business hours.