Water and Sewer


Our mission is to ensure public health and safety by providing a clean, safe, reliable supply of water. We strive to serve the community in a courteous, efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

We're passionate about our work and try to instill our values of integrity, innovation, objectivity, professionalism, teamwork and transparency in everything we do. We collect water, move it, store it, distribute it, track how much is used and bill our customers for their use. We provide ideas and tools to conserve water and provide protection for the watersheds. We take pride in meeting the diverse needs of the unique community we serve.

Location of Water and Sewer

Brian Head Town does not publish a utility map. The Town also does not pay to run the water or sewer lines. The property owner (or owners) need to hire a contractor or developer to run the line to the furthest edge of their property. The link below is a questionnaire to fill out if you are not sure where the water or sewer lines are.

Is there a water or sewer line near my property?

Download the above Utility Questionnaire, fill it out, and send to the Town Planner.