Trenching and Encroachment Permits

Trenching & Encroachment Permits


Brian Head Town requires a permit for any excavation, grading, filling, trenching, done in the Towns right of way to avoid detrimental alteration of drainage patterns, to provide for safe and standardized utility location and installation practices, and to preserve the natural aesthetics of a mountain town consistent with the Town’s General Plan.

Submittal Requirements

  • Appy on Cityinspect Under Land Use
  • Written description of the proposed activity
  • Site Plans
    • Site Plan
      • Lot boundaries with dimensions and lot size
      • Adjacent roads, Including names
      • Easements and Rights-of-way
      • Existing utilities
      • Proposed utilities and meter locations
      • Existing drainage and proposed drainage
      • Drainage Control plan during construction
      • Percentage of slope
      • Driveway (width, slope, material)
      • North arrow indicator
      • Construction Staging Area
  • Engineering
    • Engineered Plans:  The applicant will provide plans prepared by a Utah licensed engineer for Public Utilities that will be installed. The plans and materials need to meet the Brian Head Public Works Standard.
  • Preconstruction Photos
    • Preconstruction Photos:  The applicant will provide photos of the area showing the roadway, right of way and any area that will be disturbed during construction.
  • Traffic Control Plan
  • Restoration and Landscaping Plan
    • Restoration and Landscaping Plan:
      • All disturbed, undisturbed, and landscaped areas
      • Areas where mature trees will be preserved
      • Locations of walls, walkways, patios, fences, trees, and other vegetation
        • Descriptions of materials used
      • Specification of species, variety, number and size of trees and shrubs
      • Description of restoration measures for remaining disturbed areas, including xeriscape and reseeding
      • North Arrow Indicator
      • Lot boundaries with dimensions and lot size
  • Security Agreement
    • Security Agreement: Complete the form provided by Brian Head Town. Town staff will specify the amount of required security, which may vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Typical bond requirements are as follows:
      • 125% of Improvements or rehabilitations minimum of $5,000 for any work being done in the public right-of-way or connection to Town sewer or water system
  • Insurance Information
    • Insurance Information: The applicant will provide a certificate of insurance for the contractor. If work is undertaken in a Town right-of-way, the certificate must meet the following requirements:
      • $1,000,000 coverage
      • Brian Head Town named as additional insured

To Apply for a Encroachment Permit