Tree Removal

Tree Removal Process


Brian Head Town requires a permit for removal or relocation of any tree exceeding 6 inches in diameter at 5 feet above the ground in order to preserve the natural environment and rural mountain town atmosphere by preserving as many trees as is possible and reasonable.

Required Permits & Approvals
  • Tree Removal Permit
  • Pre-Inspection and Post-Inspection Approval
Submittal Requirements
  • Completed Application online at
  • Permit Fee
  • Tree Removal Site Plan
  • Security Agreement (if required by staff)
Permit Fees
  • Free for fire mitigation/safety on developed lots
  • $25 for tree removal on undeveloped lots
  • $100 for new residential construction
  • $500 for commercial construction
Review Process (Typical Approval Time - 30 days)
  • Completed Application Submitted
  • Planning Department Review & Security Determination
  • Pre-Inspection (Work shall not commence until pre-inspection is completed)
  • Post Inspection
  • Security Release (if applicable)
Standards for Review
  1. The intended removal or relocation of a tree will have an acceptable impact on flooding, snow slide and landslide hazards, watershed areas, spring protection zones, water runoff and erosion areas, public rights of way, wind breaks, and other trees and vegetation.
  2. The tree removal is necessary to eliminate or minimize disease, a danger of tree fall, danger to utility lines or structures, dangers to public rights of way, dangers to buildings or other structures, including fences or other trees, and will generally contribute to desired decrease in fire hazard in the forest.
  3. The removal of the subject tree will not significantly diminish the aesthetics or historical character of the site, adjoining properties or neighborhood.
  4. The removal or relocation of a tree is reasonably necessary for the development, installation or construction on the subject property or site, or is otherwise necessary or important to the reasonable use or enjoyment of the site property. This standard is not met unless and until a building permit, when applicable, has been issued and development of the property has been approved to proceed.
  5. The removal or relocation of the subject tree is warranted by good forestry practice, including the consideration of the number, spacing and species of trees on the site or adjoining properties. Town staff may request the opinion of a qualified forester regarding the appropriateness of the selection of trees to be removed.
  6. The privacy or architectural relationships between existing or planned structures on the site with other structures, trees or tree groupings shall be considered.
  7. Full consideration has been given to the relocation, rather than removal, of healthy trees.
  8. Slash shall be removed, burned (with permit required), or chipped and utilized on site.
  9. Re-vegetation and/or reforestation are considered and implemented where it is not in conflict with other Standards for Review.
To Apply for a Tree Removal Permit
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