Renting out your cabin or condo on a nightly basis (less than 30 consecutive days)

If you are interested in renting out your cabin or condominium on a nightly basis (less than 30 consecutive days) you are required to hold a current Brian Head Town business license.  A business license application must be submitted and approved before you rent out your cabin or condo.  Failure to do so will result in a citation for conducting business without a license.  Please contact the Town Clerk during normal business hours for any licensing details.

What you need to submit for a license:

  1. Nightly Rental License Application - completed and signed
  2. Owner Affidavit completed and signed
  3. Proof of Insurance submitted
  4. Fire Inspection passed, application must be submitted prior to scheduling an inspection.
  5. All fees paid:
  • $151 new application includes one (1) unit/cabin
  • $32 for each additional new unit
  • $30 fire inspection, if a re-inspection is needed, an additional fee of $30 will be charged.
  • $248 Per Cabin - Nightly Rental Disproportionate Cost of Service Fee - Annual Fee
  • $91 Per Condo - Nightly Rental Disproportionate Cost of Service Fee  - Annual Fee

The application and fire inspection fees can be paid as one payment.

You can email your application and documents to:

Town Clerk

Nancy Leigh

Mailing address:
Business Licensing
PO Box 190068
Brian Head, UT 84719-0068


Notice to cabin owners who are not connected to the Town's water system and are considering a short-term rental business

If you own a home that is within the Town boundaries but are not connected to the Town's water system and are considering a short-term rental business, you will not be eligible for a business license with Brian Head Town.  All applications will be rejected until they meet the Health Department requirements for a commercial business to be connected to a main water system.

Southwest Public Health Department requires all commercial businesses to be connected to a main water system as part of their requirements and as part of the Town's licensing process, all businesses must meet federal, state, county and local requirements.

if you are operating a short-term rental business and are currently licensed with Brian Head Town, notification will be sent out regarding your business license.

Brian Head Town requires all businesses to be in compliance with State, County and Local Codes/Ordinances in order to operate a business in Brian Head.  Those operating without a license will be cited and penalties will be assessed on a daily basis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Clerk at during normal business hours.

Nightly Rental License Fees for 2023 Licensing Year

The Town Council adopted an ordinance amending the Nightly Rental Code in 2021 affecting all nightly rentals in Brian Head.  To review the Nightly Rental Code, CLICK HERE.

Listed below are the 2023 licensing year fees for nightly rentals:

New Application (new business): $151 includes one rental unit/cabin
Additional new units/cabins: $32 per unit/cabin
Renewal Fee: $122 includes one rental unit/cabin
Additional units renewal: $26 per unit/cabin
Nightly Rental Disproportionate This is due at the time of new application or renewal. It is an annual fee.
Cost of Service Fee: $248 per cabin annually
$91 per condo annually

Please remember that the Town collects a 1.5% fee (Enhanced Service Fee) on all taxable sales and is remitted directly to the Town on a quarterly basis.  Airbnb and Vrbo and others do not collect this fee, so please be sure you identify the fee on your website and submit to the Town quarterly.  A reminder will be sent out at the end of every quarter along with a copy of the quarterly report form.

The 2023 licensing year commences on October 1st.  All business licenses automatically expire September 30th of each year.  To renew your nightly rental business license CLICK HERE.  Online payments can be made on the Home Page of this website.  Please note if you make an online payment, please use the left sidebar under "Non-Utility Payments" for all other payments.  Please do NOT use your utility account to make a payment for licensing.

Doing Business in Brian Head

The tourist industry is the primary source of business in Brian Head.  Known for its family oriented ski slopes, Brian Head has more to offer than skiing.  There are extensive trail systems for biking, hiking, horseback riding, ATV's, snowmobiling, and x-country skiing.  The outdoor enthusiast has plenty of option for both winter and summer seasons.

As Brian Head grows with new businesses, the Town continually expands its horizon on projects where viable commercial businesses can grow.  The Town has developed a Master Trail plan along with continuing efforts to improve the Town's infrastructure in order to meet the demands of new growth.

Brian Head Town encourages potential businesses to look at Brian Head as a viable resort business community offering services to the tourist trade.  The town staff is ready to assist new businesses through the process in establishing a business in Brian Head.

One of the first steps in opening a business in Brian Head is to obtain a business license.  All businesses that conduct business within the Town boundaries are required to hold a valid business license, even if the business is licensed in another city or town.  There are exemptions to this requirement.  Please refer to the Brian Head Town Code, Title 3, Chapter 2A, Business in General.  For a business license application, simply download the application and submit it to the Town Clerk for processing.  Listed below is an informational sheet showing the licensing process along with contact information for other agencies.

CLICK HERE for information

Special Event Licensing

Brian Head Town requires all special events held on private or public property to obtain a Special Event License.  The license application is to be submitted to the Town Clerk.  The goal of the town is to encourage special events in Brian Head and the Town Clerk can assist the event vendor with information, advertisement and town services to ensure a successful special event.  There is no cost for the application/license.

Contact the Town Clerk at for additional details.
Licensing Chapter 3 Special Events - Town Code

Nightly Rental Businesses

Other Businesses

Special Events