Conditional Use Permit


Brian Head Town requires a conditional use permit for certain uses in any given zone which may have potential for adverse impact on the character of the zone. Those uses are specified within each zone in the Land Management Code (see Title 9 Chapter 7). Before using an existing parcel or structure for one of these uses or obtaining a building permit for a new structure intended for conditional use, one must first follow this process to obtain a conditional use permit.

Required Permits & Approvals
  • Conditional Use Permit
Submittal Requirements
  • Application Form
  • Fee ($400)
  • Referral Packet
  • Existing Conditions map (may be combined with site plan)
  • Site Plan
  • Development Report

Review Process

  • Completed Application Submitted
  • Fee Submitted
  • Distribution of Public Notice
  • Building & Planning Dept Review
  • Planning Commission Review & Approval
  • Conditional Permit Issued

Standards for Review

  1. Protects the safety of persons and property:
    • Will not result in unreasonable traffic congestion or traffic hazards.
    • Has adequate and necessary access for municipal services.
  2. Will not exceed the obligations and/or financial capability of the Town and will not require a level of community facilities and services greater than that which is available, or which may be provided.
  3. Will protect environmental values:
    • Will not cause unreasonable air, water, groundwater, light or noise pollution.
    • Does not have critically expansive soils, high water table, slope instability, or other soil problems which cannot be mitigated.
  4. Consistent with the Town General Plan:
    • Will comply with the requirements of the zoning district in which the use is to be established and with all other requirements of this title.
    • Will be compatible with the character of the neighborhood and surrounding structures in scale, mass and traffic circulation.
  5. The applicant has assured performance of obligations by posting bond or other adequate security as determined necessary by the Building & Planning Administrator.

The Planning Commission may impose such conditions and safeguards to ensure compliance with the requirements, standards or conditions of this section. The violation of any condition, safeguard or commitment of record by the applicant shall be sufficient grounds for revocation of conditional use approval.

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