Minor Plat & Metes and Bounds

Minor Plat Amendment or Subdivision by Metes and Bounds Process


A modification to an existing plat or a division of a parcel of land into a limited number of smaller parcels where:

  • The total number of lots in the subdivision are not increased or decreased by more than 10 lots
  • No more than 10 new parcels are created
  • No additional public infrastructure or utilities are required
  • No changes are being proposed to property boundaries of lots or parcels owned by someone other than the applicant(s) (including common area)
  • No lot is created that is smaller than the smallest lot within the existing subdivision
Required Permits & Approvals
  • Amended Plat Approval or Metes & Bounds Subdivision Approval
Review Process
  • Completed Application Submitted
  • Fees Submitted
  • Notice Mailed (Plat Amendments only)
  • Building & Planning Review
  • Planning Commission Review & Approval
  • Sign Plat and Submit to County Recorder
Standards for Review
  1. The proposed parcels conform to the previously approved general plan and this title;
  2. No additional public utilities or infrastructure are required to provide adequate public service to the newly divided lots;
  3. The utility and/or vehicular access to remaining undeveloped property will not be impaired;
  4. The proposed parcels will have access to existing necessary utilities;
  5. That remnant parcels which did not previously exist are not created which, due to size, configuration or location, do not meet current zoning requirements and/or are not able to be developed; and
  6. The proposed subdivision meets the criteria for exemption from the plat requirement set forth by the Utah Code Annotated section 10-9a-605, as amended
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