Zone Changes

Zone Amendment Process


Proposing a use for a parcel of land that is not currently permitted under the current zoning ordinance (see §9-7 of the Town Code for permitted uses in each zone). For example, your property is currently zoned for single-family residential, but you want to put in a restaurant.

Required Permits & Approvals
  • General Plan Amendment (if proposed zone is not allowed by General Plan Map)
  • Planning Commission Review & Recommendation
  • Town Council Adoption by Ordinance
Submittal Requirements
  • Application Form
  • Zone Amendment Fee ($1,000)
  • Development Report
  • Aera Map
  • Referral Packet
Review Process
  • Completed Application Submitted
  • Town Staff Review
  • Distribution of Public Notice
  • Planning Commission Public Hearing
  • Planning Commission Recommendation
  • Town Council Public Hearing
  • Adoption by Ordinance
Standards for Review
  1. Addresses a recognized and demonstrated need in the community
  2. Will be compatible with the character of the neighborhood
  3. Will not result in an over intensive use of the land or excessive depletion of natural resources
  4. Will not have a material adverse effect on community capital improvement programs
  5. Will not require a level of community facilities and services greater than that which is available; or will be made available
  6. Will not result in undue traffic congestion and traffic hazards
  7. Will not cause significant air, odor, water, light or noise pollution
  8. Will not otherwise be detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the present or future inhabitants of the town
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