Single Family Residential Building Process

Brian Head Town requires a building permit review process to secure the general purposes and objectives of the land management code and ensure that the general appearance and public safety of buildings, structures, and development are harmonious and complementary to a mountain resort town.

You must obtain a design review approval from Brian Head Town and a valid building permit from Iron County for the following actions:

  • Constructing a new single-family residential building
  • Addition to a single-family residential building which expands the footprint (including decks)
  • Structural, mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing alterations to a single-family residential building

Submittal Requirements (Brian Head Town) 

Submittal Requirements (Iron County)

Required Permits & Approvals:
  • Design Review Approval (Planning & Zoning Staff)
  • Grading & Excavating Permit (Planning & Zoning Staff)
  • Tree Removal Permit: Removing trees over 6” diameter (Planning & Zoning Staff)
  • Retaining Wall Approval: Over 12’ height or 100’ length (Planning Commission)
  • Building Permit (Iron County Building Department)

Review Process:
  • Completed Application Submitted
  • Fees & Security Submitted
  • Town Planning & Zoning Review
    • Engineering Review
    • Wildland Urban Interface Evaluation
  • Town Design Approval
  • Iron County Structural Review
  • Building Permit Issued
  • Initial Grading / Tree Evaluation (BH Town - prior to commencing work)
  • Required Building Code Inspections (Iron County)
  • Water & Sewer Connections (BH Town)
  • Exterior Cladding Confirmation (BH Town - ensure materials match approved submittal prior to installation)
  • Re-seeding Inspection (BH Town - inspector must be present during reseeding)
  • Final Planning & Zoning Approval (BH Town)
  • Final Approval & Certificate of Occupancy (Iron County)
  • Security Release

Standards for Review:
  1. The proposed uses, structure and site improvements shall conform to the following:
    1. Town General Plan;
    2. Zoning regulations of Title 9 Chapter 7 and other relevant sections of the Brian Head Town Code;
    3. Applicable building codes as adopted by the State;
    4. General design standards of Title 9 Chapter 12 of the Brian Head Town Code;
    5. Other applicable laws.
  2. The design shall be sensitive to the constrains of topography, soil types, geologic hazards, watercourses and floodplains visual impacts and preservation of views.
  3. Utilities and services shall be available and adequate to meet the needs of the proposed structure and uses.