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Campground Fire Restriction Requirements

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Mission Statement

Brian Head Public Safety's goal is to provide our residents and guests with quality
public safety services which protect life and property, inspire confidence,
community safety, security, and well being, while maintaining community values.

The Town pond is a great thing for all who visit Brian Head.  We hope that you will enjoy fishing and all the activities the pond has to offer.  Just remember motorized vehicles are not allowed on or around the pond.

Brian Head Town currently has 4 Public Safety Officers who are certified in Dive Rescue.  Please be very careful on or around the pond, so we never have to use this training.

2021 Brian Head Town Chipping Project

Brian Head Town
2021 Chipping Project

Brian Head Town in conjunction with Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands has for the past several years done chipping projects in Brian Head Town. We are planning on continuing this project for the fall of 2021.

These projects are a huge benefit to our community in reducing fuel loading that has built up on our private properties for decades. Property owners can participate in this project but must follow the guidelines below when creating piles that will be chipped by our crews.


  • Start piling limbs ASAP
  • Last day for piling will be beginning to middle of August (no exact date has been set).
  • Property owners wanting to participate in the Chipping Project MUST fill out the google form link posted on the Brian Head Public Safety page of the Town’s website.
  • This project is open to any property owner, in any subdivision, that is located within Brian Head Town boundaries.
  • Materials to be chipped are only trees and branches.  Brown pine needles, rotting material, stumps, or construction material are not allowed.
  • Maximum diameter of trees/branches can only be 4 inches.
  • Maximum length of limbs should only be 4 feet.
  • Avoid piling old rotten limbs and small branches.  Please focus more on green material
  • Any wood that is good enough to be used for firewood can be piled near the chip piles for others to use.
  • No piles are to be located on the roadway or in the barrow pit of any road.  Keep the piles on your own property.
  • Place/stack material with larger end facing toward the roadway (on your own property).
  • For further information please contact Brian Head Town or the Brian Head Public Safety
To Sign Up for Chipping Click Here

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