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Bristlecone Pond

The Town pond is a great thing for all who visit Brian Head.  We hope that you will enjoy fishing and all the activities the pond has to offer.  Just remember motorized vehicles are not allowed on or around the pond.

Brian Head Town currently has 4 Public Safety Officers who are certified in Dive Rescue.  Please be very careful on or around the pond, so we never have to use this training.

Mission Statement

Brian Head Public Safety's goal is to provide our residents and guests with quality
public safety services which protect life and property, and inspire confidence,
community safety, security, and well being, while maintaining community values.

Fire in Brian Head

Brian Head Public Safety is out burning piles again. Today we are reducing the fuels built up along Vasels Road just past the Black Diamond Condo's. If you see smoke it's just us reminding you that we live in a dense forest and we are doing our part to assist Mother Nature in caring for her garden and keeping the community of Brian Head safe.