Council Members

Mayor H.C. "Dutch" Deutschlander

Council Member Clayton Calloway
Council Member Larry Freeberg
Council Member Reece Wilson 

Brian Head Town


Brian Head was incorporated on March 12, 1975 and will soon be celebrating our 43rd Birthday in 2018.  The town was originally created as a Mayor Council form of government, but in 1988, the citizens decided to vote for a Council Manager form of government which was repealed by the Utah State Legislature in 2007.  Those communities which were a Council Manager form of government will continue as such or until they vote for another type of government. 



Brian Head Town services the citizens and the community by providing fire, police, water, sewer, police, trash collection, road maintenance, snow removal, motorized and non-motorized trail systems, along with many other government services.  Each Department (Administration, Public Safety & Public Works) is responsible for ensuring the safety and welfare of the Town's citizens and guests.  

Brian Head is also a "Resort Town" that caters to the outdoor enthusiast.  The Town continually works toward improving trail systems of all types.  This includes motorized and non-motorized trails.  Brian Head Town has focused on working with other state and federal agencies in providing multiple recreational opportunities for the public. 

We are continually striving to provide public services beyond the typical government services, such as police, fire, water & sewer.  We are more than happy to work with  Special Event Coordinators to assist them with their events that are hosted in Brian Head.  We realize that Brian Head is one of those unique "Mountain Resort Towns" that stands apart from other communities.  Brian Head has the capability of providing a unique experience to the guest who visits Brian Head and its residents.