Planning and Building

The purpose of the building permit review process is to ensure that residential, commercial, and recreational buildings in Town conform to the Town Code and are harmonious with the neighborhood in which they sit. Brian Head Town strives to maintain a Rustic Mountain Village look. Projects are reviewed to ensure they are consistent with the Town Code, Town General Plan, Zoning and General Design Standards; and meet applicable health, safety, and public welfare standards. 

Prior to a building being occupied, the Brian Head Planning and Building Department will verify compliance of the approved codes and documents.  A Certificate of Occupancy will then be issued upon completion of the project.  Submission of a building permit application with the proper completed requirements must be approved before a permit will be issued.  

Scheduling an Inspection Started with Iron County

Scheduling an Inspection on Permit Started with Iron County

To schedule an inspection on a building permit that was started with Iron County you will need to create a new account at 
Make sure that you use the same email address that you did when you set up your permit with Iron County, that will give you access to your permit with Brian Head. You will be able to schedule your inspection with your City Inspect portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoning Information

Look Here For Property and Design Regulations:

Chapter 6 - Zone District Map:  The Zone District Map identifies the current zoning designations.

Chapter 7 - Zone District Regulations
 Identifies each zone and describes what uses are allowed within the zones. 

Chapter 12 - Design Standards for Construction: Identifies the design standards that are required to keep Brian Head the rustic polished resort town that everyone knows and loves.