The Town is made up of several public boards which consists of appointed people who are responsible for the decisions that are made by that particular Board or Commission. 

Brian Head Planning Commission.  The Commission is the Town's Land Use Authority and makes decisions regarding land uses.  Some land uses such as a General Plan or a Zone Change require a recommendation from the Planning Commission to the Town Council, who is the acting body over a particular land use issue.   The Planning Commission meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 1:00 PM, unless otherwise noticed. 

Brian Head Master Trail Plan Committee.  This Board is the representation for the Town Master Trail Plan that is currently in progress.  Individuals from local, state and federal agencies make up the board members, whose goal is to complete a comprehensive Trail Master Plan for the Planning Commission to review and the Town Council to adopt.  This board does not have a regular meeting schedule.  Please call the Brian Head Town Hall for further information on meetings. 

Brian Head Redevelopment Agency.  This Board consists of the members of the Town Council.  The Redevelopment Agency (RDA) is responsible for the Community Development Area which has been approved for projects such as the Town kiosks, directional signage and future projects such as street lighting along highway 143 within the boundaries. This board meets on a "when needed" basis and will meet in a joint session with the Town Council. 

Brian Head Special Service District.  This Board also consists of the members of the Town Council.  The Special Service District (SSD) is responsible to provide for the public utilities and services within Brian Head and annexation boundary areas. This board also meets on a  "as needed" basis and will meet in a joint meeting with the Town Council. 

Brian Head Municipal Building Authority.  This Board is another Board that consists of the Town Council as its members.  This board was created in order to bond for the Town Hall and Maintenance Shops. This board meets "when needed" and will meet as a joint meeting with the Town Council. 

Brian Head Tree Commission. This Board is our newest board and consists of five individuals from around the community who have volunteered their time. This board meets "when needed".  They are responsible for ensuring the Town is in compliance with the Tree City USA requirements and applies for grants. 

If you would like to be on the agenda for any of the above mentioned Boards / Commission, please submit an agenda application to the Town Clerk.  You can fax it to 435-677-3661 or email 

Planning Commission agendas are the responsibility of the Public Works Administrative Assistant.  You can email Wendy Dowland at with your agenda application request.  Please note, you will need to submit your request to be on the agenda at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.  Please call the Town Hall for details.

If you would like a copy of the minutes from any of the above mentioned boards or commissions, please contact the Town Clerk, Nancy Leigh, at the town hall during normal business days.

Agenda Application for all Town Council, Boards & Commissions