Alcohol License Info

Brian Head Town requires that ALL businesses that sell or distribute alcohol obtain an Alcohol License from the Town.  

In order for a business to obtain an alcohol license, they must first apply with the Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.   This is the first step required prior to submitting an alcohol license application to the Town of Brian Head.

Applicants can contact the Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to obtain information on what the State requires in acquiring an alcohol license and download documents and applications on their website.  DABC issues the following alcohol licenses:

  • Airport Lounge
  • Beer Wholesaler
  • Brewer Out of State Certificate
  • Club
  • Liquor Warehouse
  • Manufacturing Representative
  • Manufacturing
  • On Premise Banquet
  • On Premise Beer - Non Tavern
  • On Premise Beer - Tavern
  • Package Agency
  • Restaurant - Full Service
  • Restaurant - Limited
  • Single Event
  • Special Use - Health Care
  • Special Use - Industrial Manufacturing
  • Special Use - Public Service
  • Special Use - Religious Wine
  • Special Use - Scientific and Educational
  • Temporary Beer Special Event

    One of the steps which involves Brian Head Town and the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control is that of a "Local Consent Form", in which the applicant will need to obtain local consent from Brian Head Town prior to submitting their application to the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. 

    The Brian Head Town Council is the public body which gives the local consent.  The applicant will need to complete an agenda application to request to be on the Council's agenda.  Please allow enough time from the deadline date of the DABC and Brian Head Town Council Meeting dates. 

    For those wishing to sell or distribute packaged beer sales or off premise beer sales, the process does not include the DABC, but is regulated by the Town of Brian Head.  Those wishing to obtain an off premise beer license will need to submit an Alcohol License Application to the Town Clerk and will be required to complete the "EASY" (Eliminate Alcohol Sales to Youth) program that is available through Brian Head Town's Public Safety Department.  For complete details, please contact the Town Clerk.