Special Events Permits

If you are interested a hosting a Special Event in Brian Head, Here's some information you need to know:

1.  Brian Head Town is here to assist with your event and will promote and provide certain town services for the event.   

2.  Complete a special event application and submit it to the Town Clerk.  As part of the application, a site map is required for all races, marathons, runs, walks or any event that may encroach onto another properties.  

3.  Any event that includes serving alcohol or food requires other agencies permits/licenses for the event. 

    a.  If a special event alcohol license is submitted to the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (DABC), then local consent is required.  See the                Town Clerk for local consent on special events. 

     b.  If food vendors are part of the event, all food vendors must have a County Health special event permit to operate. 

4.  All vendors are required to have a temporary sales tax ID# issued by the State Tax Commission.  

5.  If the event is held on town property, an insurance certificate is required identifying Brian Head Town as an additional insured.  

For more information, please contact the Town Clerk at nleigh@bhtown.utah.gov or by calling the town offices at (435) 677-2029 during normal business hours.  

Special Event Application

Special Event General Information


Bret Howser, Town Manager
Nancy Leigh, Town Clerk
Shane Williamson. Town Treasurer
Amanda Hunter, Code Enforcement/Public Works
Rebecca Bennett, Town Planner
Cecile Wallis, Guest Service Representatives;


The Brian Head Administration Department is committed to providing the highest quality service to the citizens and visitors of Brian Head through fiscal responsibility, proactive planning, and effective execution of the directives and goals established by the Town Council. 

Town Manager:        Bret Howser:          bhowser@bhtown.utah.gov   435-677-2029 extension 102
Oversees the administration of the town.  Chief Administrative Officer    

Town Clerk:            Nancy Leigh:             nleigh@bhtown.utah.gov           435-677-2029 extension 104
Business/alcohol/special events/animal licensing, accounts payable, elections, records officer, minutes of the Town Council, Special Service District, Redevelopment Agency and Municipal Building Authority, ordinances/resolutions, town code codification, contracts, Special Assessment Area coordination, history committee.    

Town Treasurer:     Shane Williamson:       scwilliamson@bhtown.utah.gov     435-677-2029 extension 103
Human resources, budget officer, cash receipting, town deposits, grants, accounts receivable, tree commission secretary, town newsletter, Arbor day celebrations.  

Code Enforcement: Amanda Hunter:   ahunter@bhtown.utah.gov    435-677-2029 extension 106
Code enforcement, utilities, public works, Planning Commission minutes. 

Guest Service Representative:  
Cecile Wallis:  cecilewallis@bhtown.utah.gov   435-677-2029 ext. 100
GSR's Oversee visitor center, visitor information,  brochure distribution,, front desk reception, annual town clean-up day