2019-2020 Licensed Brian Head Businesses

2020-2021 Brian Head Licensed Businesses 
All Business Licenses Automatically Expire September 30th 

Listed below are the 2020-2021 Brian Head businesses that are licensed within the Town and are in compliance with all Town Codes and regulations.  If you have any questions regarding a business, please contact the Town Clerk at nleigh@bhtown.utah.gov during normal business hours.  
Alarm Companies                                                                                    
Smart Home Pros, Inc. 
Vivint, Inc.  

ATV's - Side by Side Rentals 
Brian Head Outdoor Adventures

Cleaning Services: - Call for contact information

1 Elite Clean
5K Cleaning
A Supreme Clean 
A-n-M Services
Brock Bynum Handyman Services
Color Country Concierge Services 
Guykel, Inc. 
Making Your Life Easier                                                                                         
Nikki's Cleaning Services      
Rise n Shine                                                             
SMC Cleaning Services    

Coffee Shops

Cedar Breaks Lodge
Elevated Sips & Sweets - Navajo Lodge

Concierge Services
Color Country Concierge Services 

Contractors - Call for contact information
Bristlecone Building Company - General Contractor
M & R Services - Residential & Small Commercial Contractor
Jokers Wild Services, LLC - General & Plumbing Contractor

Grocery Stores
Apple Annies Country Store - Post Office & Liquor Package Store
Brian Head General Store 

Handyman Services - Call for contact information
According to State Law, a Handyman without a state permit can do handyman work up to $1,000 which includes time & materials per job. Anything above $1,001 per job requires additional licensing by the Utah Department of Professional & Occupational Licensing 

Brock Bynum Handyman Services - Under $1,000
Dan Lind - Under $1,000
G&Y Services - Under $1,000
Heywood Construction - Under $1,000
Specialized Mountain Services - Under $3,000 
Jokers Wild Services - No limit- Contractor
Zach Kunz - Under $1,000

Cedar Breaks Lodge                                                                                 
Best Western Premier Hotel                                                        

Lodging Management Companies
Alpine Lodging and Condo Rentals
Brian Head Condo Reservations 
Diamond Peak Property Management Company
Family Time Vacation Rentals
Georg's Ski Shop & Lodging  

Nightly Rentals - Individually owned/operated

433 Eagles Roost, LLC  - Cabin
Apex Mountain Getaways, LLC - Cabin
Black Diamond Alpine Ventures, LLC - Cabin
Brian Head Mountain Vacation Home - Cabin  
Black Bear Cabin  LLC - Cabin     
Heine's Hideaway - Cabin
James Phipps - Cabin  
JD Pulispher Management, LLC
Jeff Webb - Cabin     
Lykos Properties, LLC - Cabin
Moose Tracks Lodge - Cabin  
LBC3, LLC - Cabin
My Favorite Retreat - Cabin 
Navajo Management - Cabin  
Retreat at Old Mill - Cabin  
Robert Ydens - Cabin
Rushton Properties - Cabin 
Russboworld - Cabin   
Rustig Aan - Cabin  
Summit View Getaway - Cabin
Timberlodge @ Brian Head - Cabin
Tranquility Vacations, LLC - 2 cabins
Trails At Navajo #17 - Cabin
Williams Chalet - Cabin
505 S. Vasels - Townhome 
Bristlecone Cabins @ Brian Head, LLC  

5150 Investments, LLC - Condo  
Adventure Bear, LLC - Condo 
Alex's Utah Retreat, Inc. - Condo
Alpine Ventures, LLC - Condo    
Aloha Bear - Condos  
Amy Leu Shui - Brianwood Condo   
April Ferrer - Copper Chase Condo
Aspens 9B - Seth Floyd - Condo  
B & T Howard Properties, LLC - Copper Chase Condo
Bauer Rental - Condo
BH8A - Vandermyde - Condo
Big Game Holdings, LLC - Condo
Brian Head Base Camp - Condo
BreAnn Cintron - Condo
Brian Head Utah Vacation Rentals - Condo
Caroline Lauzon - Condo   
Casa de Stanton, LLC - Edleweiss Condo
Chad Reynolds - Black Diamond Condo
Cindy K. Mitchell - Condo
Cooper Vacation Rentals - Condo
David Vanderveldt - Condo  
David Ward - Condo
Double Aught Lodging, LLC - Condo
Dream Ski Condo - Condo
Duane Abel  Condo  
Eagle Landing Brian Head, LLC - Condo
Family Resort Rentals - Condos  
Five Star Investments - Giant Steps Condo   
GC2 Holdings, LLC - Condo
Gerald Garley - Condo
Giant Steps #57 - Moon - Condo   
Hosting by ACT - Chalet Village Condo
Jamy Moseph, LLC - Condo
Jeff Stevens - Evergreens Condo Unit
Jonathan Geisheimer - Condo
Jaspen - Condo 
KT Wolf - Condo
Kathleen Watkins - Condo
Kent Gividen - Condo
KMC Retreats - Brianwood Condo
Kyle Kaiser - Condo
Lori Townsend - 2 Condos    
Lourdes Ebalo - Copper Chase Condo
Luxury Brian Head Loft - The Lofts @ Brian Head Condo
M Designed Properties - 1 Condo
Marshall, Darlene - Condo
MASCA - Condo
Mathew Dillingham - Condo
MCR LLC - Condo 
Melissa Heaton - 2 Condos
Michael Brennan - Condo
Moosen Lodge Nightly Rental - Condo
Mountain View DLH, LLC - The Ridges Condo
Odd Couple Properties - 1 Condo
OTNAS - Condo
Pinetree 3B - Condo    
Retro Rental Escapes - Condo
Ricki Halling - Condo
Rondo Nielson - Condo
Ross Chalet Rental - Condos 
S Dreams LLC Series IV - Condo  
SCI Holdings, LLC - Condo
Sasquatch Rentals, LLC - Condo
Scott Pisan - Condo
SPD Developers - Condo
Ski 23, LLC - Condo
Steele Properties - Condo
Tidwell & Son Limited - Condo
Todd Abney - Condo @ the Ridges
Troy Waters - Condo  
VanGeel, Kim & Charles - Condo

Property Managers 
7K Property Services
Guykel, Inc. 
Dan Lind

Real Estate 
High Country Realty - 2 locations 

Retail Shops
Apple Annies Country Store - Post Office - Liquor Store
Brian Head Resort - High Mountain Outfitters    
Brian Head General Store      
Brianhead Sports, Inc.                                                              
Georg's Ski Shop
Utah Paradise Activity Co. - Cedar Breaks Lodge

Brian Head Resort - Chair 9 Saloon, Giant Steps Grill, Navajo Lodge Grill   
Mountain Peak Cafe - located at the Mall
The Restaurant at Cedar Breaks 
High Country Cuisine, LLC - Restaurant located Best Western Premier Hotel
Pizano's Pizzera - Located at the Mall
Sook Jai - Located at the Mall

Snow Removal Companies - Call for contact information
Diamond R Land Management - Heavy Equipment
M & R Services - Heavy Equipment

Specialized Mountain Services - Heavy Equipment
Jokers Wild Services, LLC - Heavy Equipment
Jeff Crabtree - Decks and sidewalks

Ski Resort:
Brian Head Resort - Giant Steps                                                          
Brian Head Resort - Navajo Lodge

Snowmobile Tours/Sales/Service/Storage
Thunder Mountain Motorsports - Hunting/Fishing Licenses 

Nourish Spa - located at the Best Western Hotel. 
Day Spa at Cedar Breaks Spa located at the Cedar Breaks Lodge

Storage Facilities
Brian Head Local Storage - Steam Engine Drive
Cache Stash Storage - Village Way 
Thunder Mountain Motorsports - OHV Storage - Spruce Street

Television Stations
Signal 1 Enterprises 

Tree Removal Services / Lot Clearing - Call for Contact Information
        Lot Clearing companies may clear a lot but CANNOT excavate without a Utah State Contractor's License.
Diamond R. Land Management 
Jokers Wild Services, LLC - Excavation Contractor  
Lifetime Tree Services - Tree Services only 
Specialized Mountain Services 

Water Transport Services 
Specialized Mountain Services 
M & R Services